Wine Cellaring Moda Vino’s Metadata Cellar Technicians will evaluate the scope of your collection and your storage needs, determine your collecting priorities, and work with you to create a personalized organizational system for your cellar using Cellar Tracker.

Whether your cellar is a 500 sq. ft. climate controlled room, or a 50 bottle cooler in your closet, organizing your wines is the first step to maximizing the enjoyment of your collection.

Wine Cellar Management ~Quarterly program Let Moda Vino’s Metadata Cellar Technicians come once a quarter to update your cellar. We will track what has been consumed, add any new wines you have purchased, and suggest wines to keep your collection complete.

At Moda Vino, we will alert you to wines that are in the “drinking well” range and can even help you plan a menu, plan a party with our resident chef or hold a private tasting.

Special Events ~ Do you have wines that are “ready to drink”? Have a party! Whether an intimate dinner for up to 12 guests, a wine and cheese, or simply a personalised tasting, let us help you! At Moda Vino we will help you organise your party using either our resident chef or our partners at Casalinga Foods, or we can simply help you menu plan for your own cooking.

Let your dinner party take on an extra element of sophistication by having a sommelier on hand to open and serve the wines during each of the courses of your meal.

Consulting~ Do you have a big event coming up? Let us help you plan the wine. Whether you are looking for cheap and cheerful, extravagant, or somewhere in between, our wine consultants can meet with you to determine your needs and help you choose the wines that will make your event a success.

At Moda Vino we also do restaurant wine lists. We will help you determine your margin needs and size of your list and then line up a tasting for you and your team. This service includes a staff training on the wines of the finalised list.

Private Tastings Bordeaux vertical? German Riesling tasting? Favorite winery or favorite region wine tasting? Blind tastings? Double blind tastings? Wine and Cheese party? Maybe a night of Tequila or Rum or single malt scotch… Whatever fun you wish to have, let us help you! We can help you plan, set up and lead your guests through a fun filled event of tasting either for the beginner palate or the very sophisticated.

Sabering ~Nothing says “let’s celebrate” like sabering champagne! We can come to your event and saber for you or teach you how. What a fun way to impress your friends and family!